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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [NET] 2.0 Change to nntp classes - using int instead of long for article ids
Date Thu, 08 Jul 2010 15:19:13 GMT
On 8 April 2010 03:10, sebb <> wrote:
> On 31/03/2010, sebb <> wrote:
>> The fix for NET-276 involved public API changes so is not appropriate
>>  for a minor release.
>>  NNTPClient#retrieveArticleInfo(int,int)
>>  was changed to
>>  NNTPClient#retrieveArticleInfo(long, long)
>>  That can easily be fixed by adding the old method and deprecating it.
>>  There are also some changes to NewsgroupInfo:
>>  Return type of method 'public int getArticleCount()' has been changed to long
>>  Return type of method 'public int getFirstArticle()' has been changed to long
>>  Return type of method 'public int getLastArticle()' has been changed to long
>>  and ArticlePointer:
>>  Changed type of field articleNumber from int to long
>>  It's not so obvious how to fix the API change here.
>>  It also looks to me like the change is incomplete - there are still
>>  quite a few API methods in NNTPClient which still use an int rather
>>  than a long, and Article.articleNumber is an int.
>>  Seems to me that articleNumber should be long throughout; also ideally
>>  more use should be made of ArticlePointer (e.g. Article should use
>>  it).
>>  I think the int/long change needs to be resolved before any release is made.
> Ping? Any views on this?
> Regardless of the API change, the nntp code is not consistent at present.

I propose:

* the incompatible NNTP changes are reverted.
* we release NET 2.1 without the NNTP fixes, and hope to resolve them later

Any other views?

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