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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: [Math] Usage of "NullPointerException"
Date Sat, 07 Aug 2010 00:41:25 GMT

From: "Phil Steitz" <>
Sent: Friday, August 06, 2010 3:34 AM
To: "Commons Developers List" <>
Subject: Re: [Math] Usage of "NullPointerException"

> Gilles Sadowski wrote:
>>>>> The added value that I see is that an IAE designating which argument
>>>>> that cannot be null is in fact null gives more specific information
>>>>> to the caller (or production support person examining logs) than
>>>>> just a propagated NPE.
>>>> Well, my initial post reported the inconsistency of throwing either NPE 
>>>> or
>>>> IAE as a result of checking for "null". If we take that NPE signifies a 
>>>> bug
>>>> in CM, then we can have the policy of throwing IAE when null is 
>>>> encountered
>>>> (and never explicitly throw NPE from CM).
>>> +1 - that is what I meant by my option 1) above.
>> This was your option 1:
>>>> 1) remove NPE wrappers, propagating uwrapped NPEs where the code
>>>> wraps and rethrows NPE today.
>> As I said, there are no wrappers around the NPE generated in CM. Either
>> "createNullPointerException" or "createIllegalArgumentException" is 
>> called
>> and they generate the corresponding exception (not wrapped within 
>> anything).
>> What I propose (as an alternative the "simple" policy) above is to create
>> a "NullArgumentException" that inherits from 
>> "MathIllegalArgumentException".
>> This exception will be thrown whenever a null check fails (i.e. "null is 
>> an
>> illegal argument"). To be consistent, we should never throw NPE from CM.
>> Is that what you meant to agree with?
> There may be some cases where it makes sense to propagate NPEs
> directly.  I don't see any in the code now, but I would not rule it
> out for the future.  I am fine, however, dispensing with
> MathRuntimeException.createNullPointerException (that's what I meant
> by "wrapped NPE." Technically, you are right, the resultant NPE is
> not really "wrapped," just specialized.)  Where we throw IAE today
> with informative error message indicating which parameter was null,
> I want to retain the error message.

There are actually quite a few places were we propagate NPEs directly.  For 
example PolynomialFunction does this pretty much everywhere that the 
JavaDocs says that it throws a NPE.

> Phil
>> Gilles
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