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From Jacob Beard <>
Subject Re: [scxml-js] Question on unit testing external communications module
Date Mon, 02 Aug 2010 16:10:15 GMT

On 10-08-01 04:46 PM, Rahul Akolkar wrote:
> So we need to design a testing rig where we can deploy multiple
> Commons SCXML executor instances on a server as well as a number of
> scxml-js executor instances on the same or another server with
> messages going back and forth. A servlet container is probably a good
> bet since we have to accommodate Java. Maven uses Jetty extensively,
> so we can look into that (has Ant plugin/tasks as well). So, the setup
> would include:
>   * Some embodiment of the HTTP I/O Processor (that can interface with
> the Java and scxml-js libraries)
>   * A startup servlet (or some mechanism) that instantiates a number of
> Commons SCXML executor instances and some means to also create some
> number of scxml-js instances
>   * Ideally some meaningful scenarios for the integration tests (if
> not, a ping with a pong or some simple handshake will do just fine)
I'm planning to focus on creating tests and demos for the final two 
weeks, so I may have time to implement this.

Does Commons SCXML have a standard implementation of the HTTP I/O 
processor for the servlet API, or is this something that would need to 
be written?

Let me know. Thanks,


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