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From Jacob Beard <>
Subject Re: [scxml-eclipse] User Feedback
Date Sun, 08 Aug 2010 13:05:44 GMT
I just had the opportunity to install scxml-eclipse and try it out, and
I wanted to say that I agree with Chris's comments. 1 and 3, especially,
are in my opinion showstoppers bugs that prevent the tool from being
generally useful. I hope these can be resolved, because overall,
everything else seems quite usable, and I'm eager to begin using it in

Also, before filing a bug report, I just wanted to check: does
scxml-eclipse support creation of transitions without targets?

Let me know. Thanks,


On 10-07-29 04:28 PM, Christopher Dragert wrote:
> I've gone through some of the basic functionality of the plug-in and generally found
it to be good.  I have several points of feedback:
> 1) A small feature request:  Can you display the event name on the diagam like you do
for a condition?  
> 2) Transition properties list a "Target" field, which is blank, and a "Target Status"
field that is populated with State [statename].  Target and Target Status do not make sense,
and usage of the Target field causes an error.
> 3) There seems to be no way to have executable content on a transition.  Is this under
> 4)  Seems to crash frequently and give out of memory errors, even while using -Xmx1024m.
 I have to save and restart every minute or two.  
> Overall, it seems quite useful and I am grateful for all the hard work put into this.
> Regards,
> Chris Dragert
> ________________________________________
> From: Xun Long Gui []
> Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2010 9:14 PM
> To: Commons Developers List
> Subject: Re: [scxml-eclipse] Current State
> Hi Chris,
> You can find basic guide document here [1]. I think you should export SCXML
> document from modeling document which contains tag 'targetConnection'.
> [1]
> 2010/7/23 Christopher Dragert <>
>> Hello,
>> I've begun experimenting and had some difficulties with basic
>> functionality.  For instance, it does not seem to have basic functionality
>> of creating an scxml file from an scxml drawing.  It only outputs scxml to
>> the console, without the linebreaks necessary for readabilty.
>> Transitions seem to be bugged, as it does not properly create transitions
>> in the output, giving the following malformed tag:
>> <targetConnection target="active" event="start" target=""/>
>> This gives an error:
>> "SystemId Unknown; Line #1; Column #347; Attribute "target" was already
>> specified for element "targetConnection"."
>> Shouldn't this be more like:
>>  <transition event="start" target="active" />
>> What is the solution?  Why does the tag 'targetConnection' even exist?
>> Regards,
>> Chris Dragert
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> Best Regards
> Gui Xun Long (桂训龙)

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