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From Jochen Wiedmann <>
Subject Announce: Commons FileUpload 1.2.2
Date Thu, 05 Aug 2010 10:37:38 GMT

I'd like to announce the availability of Commons FileUpload 1.2.2.
This is a binary compatible bug fix release, intended to replace all
previous versions. Binary and source distributions are available from

The list of changes, compared to version 1.2.1, is below.

Jochen Wiedmann

- Added a check for file names containing a NULL characters. Such file
names are now triggering an InvalidFileNameException since the file
name cannot be used as provided to create the file since it will be
truncated at the NUL character on most (all?) operating systems. E.g.
a file name like "" would result in "" being
created. Thanks to Daniel Fabian.
- Temporary files have not been deleted, if an error occurred in
FileUploadBase.parseRequest(); Fixes FILEUPLOAD-160. Thanks to Stepan
- Fixed example in MultipartStream Javadocs. Fixes FILEUPLOAD-158.
Thanks to Stepan Koltsov.
- Ensured, that the ProgressListener is called for all items. Fixes
FILEUPLOAD-157. Thanks to Paul Spurr.
- Made the ProgressNotifier public. Fixes FILEUPLOAD-156.
- Multiple documentation fixes. Fixes FILEUPLOAD-155. Thanks to Jörg Heinicke.
- Fixed the error message for FileSizeLimitExceededException from "too
many characters" to "too many bytes". Fixes FILEUPLOAD-152. Thanks to
- A FileSizeLimitExceededException does now contain the file and field
name of the item, which caused the problem. Fixes FILEUPLOAD-154.

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