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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [exec] Looking for some field testing before cutting release candidate ...
Date Sat, 02 Oct 2010 12:37:57 GMT
On 1 October 2010 18:20, Siegfried Goeschl <> wrote:
>  Hi folks,
> anyone out who can do some field testing for commons-exec before I prepare
> the release candidate?
> The test harness can be downloaded from
> After unpacking the archive and making the shell scripts (check
> src/test/scripts) executable you can run the test harness using
> +) testme.bat
> +)

As Joerg has mentioned, the code no longer compiles on Java 1.4, let
alone 1.3, which is what the POM says.

BTW, you can check builds on different JVMs using:

mvn clean package -Pjava-1.4

so long as you have set up the profile as documented in

I think we could drop the requirement for Java 1.3 compatibility now,
but I suggest keeping 1.4 for now.
[Moving to 1.5 can involve a lot of work to fix up the generics]

On OpenVMS, the test hangs in
testExecuteAsyncWithTimelyUserTermination (DefaultExecutorTest).

Not sure why that is yet; I seem to remember that VMS Java has some
problems terminating subprocesses properly.

I think the waitFor() should probably be changed to waitFor(timeout),
where the timeout is long enough to ensure that it will always
complete on systems that are behaving correctly. Perhaps 15 seconds?
The assertions that follow will anyway check if the process was
correctly stopped.

We probably should do the same for all the waitFor() calls - so long
as one checks hasResult() afterwards, failures can be reported.

OK if I commit those changes?

I can fix the Java 1.5 calls as well (same test class).

> Feedback would be highly appreciated containing
> +) OS
> +) JVM version
> +) reporter
> +) status
> as collected for the previous release
> (
> Thanks in advance,
> Siegfried Goeschl
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