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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [Math] "Normal" GaussianFitter
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 23:55:39 GMT

> >However, as I've raised in
> >
> >I think that "GaussianFitter" needs some refactoring.
> >Maybe you could try to see what changes would be necessary to deal with
> >MATH-512 and such that the upgraded "GaussianFitter" will meet with your
> >requirements at the same time.
> I went ahead and implemented a "Normal" GaussianFitter.  Turns out there's not that much
difference in the resulting best fit parameters, and it seems four parameters are better than

Maybe the data you are fitting are not from a "Normal" Gaussian...
[You add one more parameter and get a better fit but I think that it does
not necessarily mean that your data is indeed best represented by the sum
of a constant and a Gaussian.]

> I agree with your comments in 512.  I can refactor the classes as suggested, just let
me know...

Yes, please give it a try; however before you do it, I'm thinking of another
improvement: Why not move the defintion of "ParametricGaussianFunction" to
the "Gaussian" class (in package "function")? [I've done just that in the
attached copy of "".]
Thinking about it, it seems that the "ParametricRealFunction" interface
might be of a more general use than just in fitting, so I'd move it over to
the package "analysis" (where other function interfaces are defined).

> Also if commons-math is interested I can submit the classes for the "Normal" GaussianFitter.
 I thought about combining the two and I think the implementation will be much cleaner if
there are two separate implementations.

At first sight, I don't think so. Once refactored, the "GaussianFitter"
could have 2 constructors, one would take a "Gaussian.Parametric" function
(that would be fitting the "Normal" case) and the other would take a
But I still wonder if the use of the word "Gaussian" in the latter is really
appropriate. I'd even say that such a function shouldn't be in CM at all,
unless one is willing to accept the implementation of a
"FiveParameterGaussianParametricFunction" (where we would add, say, a
quadratic function) and a "SixParameterGaussian...", etc.

> Maybe the one that reflects the Wikipedia definition should be called "GaussianFitter"
and the current one should be Called "GaussianFitterWithHeightFactor"...
> or perhaps
> ThreeParameterGaussianFitter
> FourParameterGaussianFitter...

As explained above, I'd rather leave such fuzzy names to the user-code


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