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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] the 2.2 release saga conclusion ?
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2011 14:22:41 GMT
On 2/12/11 2:24 AM, Michael Giannakopoulos wrote:
> Hi guys,
> As far as exceptions is concerned it is a major change in the code and
> leaving it out from the 2.2 release is a good idea. About the exceptions i
> would like to point that in some cases new exceptions are needed so as to be
> more clear to developers which one of them to use...
>> This is by no means a perfect solution, I really tried to reach a
>> compromise between several points of view. As each compromise, everyone
>> would have something to tell against it but please don't start another
>> lengthy discussion and even less a flame war. There is no hidden
>> intention behind this and the choices presented would be put only in 2.2
>> branch, not in trunk. The only intention is to be able to publish 2.2.
> Luc what do you mean by this? There are two versions of code out there?
> Sorry for these questions but this is new to me...
Yes, there are two different branches

The top one is where 3.0 development is happening.  The bottom one
holds the source for the 2.2 release.
> I'm willing to help so as to publish 2.2. Thank you all for your time!

Any of the following would help move us along

* Review javadoc for typos / errors
* Review userguide to make sure it is still accurate and / or
contribute some new / better examples
* Review JIRA tickets resolved since 2.1 (with fix version 2.2) and
make sure there are no other semantic changes
* Review clirr report and make sure there are no @since tags missing
(could be Sebb has done this already)
* Review changes.xml for typos / misleading or incomplete
descriptions.  This is used to generate the release notes, so some
cleanup may be required in this file.  Also make sure there are no
changes described that were either rolled back from or not applied
to the 2_X branch (I think I have already verified this; but more
eyeballs are good)


> Best regards,
> Giannakopoulos Michael

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