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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [configuration] Compilation under Java 1.4
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2011 07:34:09 GMT

Oliver Heger wrote:

> Am 17.02.2011 02:10, schrieb Ralph Goers:
>> Thanks. But I have a larger issue.
>> We have been doing performance testing and the synchronization in
>> AbstractFileConfiguration,  DynamicCombinedConfiguration,  and
>> MultiFileHierarchicalConfiguration are showing up as predominant hot
>> spots.  These would be easy to fix if I could use java.util.concurrent
>> but, of course, that would require an upgrade to Java 5. The experimental
>> branch has a minimum version of Java 5 but it is nowhere near ready for a
>> release.  I'm wondering when the right time to upgrade would be?  1.8?
>> Ralph
> This is really a good question. AFAIK other Commons components switched
> to Java 1.5 only in a major release, but given the current situation
> with end of support for older JDKs, it may be worth starting a new
> discussion.
> OTOH I would not have a major problem with switching to Java 1.5, doing
> some slight API improvements by introducing generics etc., and calling
> this version 2.0. (Maybe we have then again a discussion whether package
> names must be changed.)

as long as we manage to stay binary compatible to current 1.6, it does 	
IMHO not matter if we define now Java 5 to be minimum for 1.7. Even if we 
introduce generics in some places.

However, when we start to create incompatible changes and a real 
refactoring/cleanup I am all for 2.0 with a renamed package ;-)

> I am not very happy with the experimental branch, too. If time permits,
> I would like to start something new in the sandbox from scratch to
> overcome some of the problems in our current design (e.g. the tight
> coupling of the reloading mechanism which causes these synchronization
> problems).

We actually stayed with the non-hierarchical configurations in our codebase, 
since we detected at some point a significant loss of memory (sorry, it's 
been too long now (~3 years) to give details).

- Jörg

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