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From Arne Ploese <>
Subject [math] add Complex.toString() and Howto handle NaN values properly
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 08:32:07 GMT

I try to add the method toString() to Complex. There some issues arise:

If ether the real or imaginary part is NaN hashCode() will return the
same value. Complex.toString() should return Double.valueOf(Double.NaN).
Is thee a need to store the given values of the real/imaginary part? or
set both to Double.NaN in the constructor?
Maybe drop the constructor completely, make createComplex(...) public
and return in this case Complex.NaN which is then the marker for NaN

the methods add/subtract handle NaN values different one will return
Complex.NaN the other will calculate the result and result.isNaN() ==
true. This makes in my opinion no sense, because result.hashCode() ==


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