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From "Sebastien Brisard" <>
Subject [math] Equivalent of Blas DAXPY
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 08:31:02 GMT
in Blas, the method DAXPY can lead to very compact code. As far as I know, it
has no equivalent in RealVector. There are a few method called xxxxToSelf,
which modify the calling vector, instead of returning a new one, but these are
restricted to scalars operating on vectors.
In other words, there are no in-place vector-vector operations.
Would you think it useful to add at least one method, say
combineToSelf(double s, double t, RealVector v)
which would replace the components of this by the components of (s * this + t
* v). This would be a slight generalization of DAXPY.

It would be fairly easy to implement for ArrayRealVector, not sure about

Best regards,

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