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From "Sebastien Brisard" <>
Subject Re: [math] Equivalent of Blas DAXPY
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 03:06:38 GMT
Mahout seems to be fairly large (!). What classes should I look at more

>The Colt package used a functional style to implement what you suggest.
> This approach has been inherited by Mahout.

> The basic idea is that there is an assign method that takes other arguments
> and a function for combining the arguments.  The function allows great
> amounts of flexibility and promotes compositional style.  A small amount of
> special case code for common operations and the JVM's very impressive
> ability to in-line code result in pretty fast operations.

> The problem with this kind of approach is that users have a very hard time
> understanding how to write code (where is the plus method, they say.  where
> is the element-wise max of two vectors?)

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