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From Gilles Sadowski <>
Subject Re: [math] RealLinearOperator and AbstractRealMatrix
Date Wed, 13 Jul 2011 15:19:58 GMT

> [...]
> Before I commit new code (Conjugate gradient, SYMMLQ, etc...), I'll open a new
> JIRA ticket for having AbstractRealMatrix inherit from RealLinearOperator, if
> that's OK with everyone.

Currently this is not possible because the
are declared "final" in "RealLinearOperator" but are "abstract" in

So there are 2 questions, one for you and the other for the designer(s) of
"AbstractRealMatrix" and its subclasses:

1. Do you think that the two methods must be "final"?
2. Why were the row and column dimensions stored in each subclass and not in
   the parent class?

> Because MATH-581 got a bit messy, I'll also open a new one specifically with
> these new classes (again, if that suits you).

I don't think that it's necessary; better keep everything in the same place
and resolve the issue when the functionality is working as intended.

> Also, I'd like to have your feeling on MATH-613, so that I can submit the
> corresponding code (which would in turn lead to a more compact CG/SYMMLQ...).

Let's go with "combine" and "combineToSelf" first.
I like the "functional" generalization but it can be added later (as "map"
and "mapToSelf").


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