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From S├ębastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: (MATH-608) Remove methods from RealMatrix Interface
Date Sat, 02 Jul 2011 18:48:56 GMT
Marker interface seems to be a very elegant solution. I am just 
wondering about a potential issue. Let us assume we defined two 
interfaces, say
SymmetricMatrix, and BandedMatrix. User A writes a matrix class which 
implements both interfaces. Meanwhile, user B implements an algorithm 
which requires a symmetric, banded matrix. Presummably, user B will 
define a new marker interface, which extends both SymmetricMatrix and 
BandedMatrix. So we have on the one hand

class UserAMatrix implements SymmetricMatrix, BandedMatrix;



One day, user A hears of the work of user B. The matrix he has 
implemented has just the required features (symmetric *and* banded). But 
it does not implement BandedSymmetricMatrix, so he cannot apply 
UserBAlgorithm.operate to an instance of UserAMatrix. There is always 
the possibility of creating a new class which extends UserAMatrix and 
implements BandedSymmetricMatrix, but that would obfuscate the hierarchy 
tree. Is this a problem? Is that a stupid remark?


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