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From S├ębastien Brisard <>
Subject [math] RealLinearOperator and AbstractRealMatrix
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 03:57:18 GMT
Hi all,
I've been thinking again about the support for linear operators 
(MATH-581). If RealLinearOperator is ever included into CM, then I think 
AbstractRealMatrix should extend RealLinearOperator. Then, the 
interfaces should be as consistent as possible. That's why I renamed 
some methods
getDomainDimension ---> getColumnDimension
getCodomainDimension ---> getRowDimension
even if "rows" and "columns" are not really meaningful for a matrix-free 
linear operator. I will probably be more understandable this way.
Also, the signature of the default constructor has been changed
was: RealLinearOperator(domainDimension, codomainDimension)
which would translate into: RealLinearOperator(columnDimension, 
rowDimension) ===> INCONSISTENT WITH AbstractRealMatrix
is now: AbstractRealMatrix(rowDimension, columnDimension)

I've attached a new file (#04) to JIRA MATH-581. Unfortunately, I don't 
know how to remove the previous files, so this ticket is getting messy, 
I'm sorry about that.

Hope this new proposition will be agreeable to all.

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