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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [compress] Where to Place Big Test Archives?
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2011 12:00:59 GMT

ZIP64 is all about supporting archives with entries bigger than 4GB and
archives with more than 65355 entries so it comes as no surprise that
test archives for ZIP64 are big.

Right now I'm working with two archives, one contains a single file that
consists of 5e9 zeros, the InfoZIP generated ZIP is about 4MB in size.
The other one contains 100k empty files and is about 15MB in size.

I wouldn't want to add them to the normal src/test/resources tree as
those two archives alone would bump the size of the source distribution
by about 20 MB (ZIP won't make them any smaller, neither will gzip -
bzip2 might).

Right now I'm looking into ways that place them outside of src/ and to
write unit tests that are simply skipped if the archives are not where
they are expected.  Those tests will take ages to run anyway (creating
the archives using zip 3.0 on my Linux notebook took several minutes
each) and may be better only run when asked for explicitly.

The question for me right now is "how far" outside of src I should place
them.  Do I add them somewhere under the branch and later trunk so that
all compress developers have to download them at least once or do I
place them somewhere next to trunk and only those who intend to run the
tests will need to download them?  Currently I think it would be best to
do the later and place the corresponding tests right along there as


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