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From Simone Tripodi <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Commons Digester 3.0 released!
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2011 17:28:16 GMT
The Apache Commons team is pleased to announce the Apache Commons
Digester 3.0 release!

The Apache Commons Digester package lets you configure an XML to Java
object mapping module which triggers certain actions called rules
whenever a particular pattern of nested XML elements is recognized.

The Apache Commons Digester 3.0 is an almost complete rewrite of the
original Digester implementation, which offers:

o A universal loader: core features and extensions became not so easy
to maintain, since every contribution was created with a different
approach; a fresh new architecture is able to load modules that allow
users write and include easily their own extensions;
o Reusability of Digester configurations: what was missing is a way to
describe how the Digester instances have to be built and not how to
set rules given an existing instance;
o Rules are now expressed via EDSL: the key feature of Digester3 is
expressing rule bindings using a fluent APIs collection, that speak
more in English rather than in a programming language;
o Improved errors reporting: rules binding debug operations have made
easier, a detailed errors list of wrong binding is reported just when
the loader attempts to create a new Digester instance, and not when
running it.

Moreover, changes in this version include:

New features:
o Allow SetNextRule to fire on begin  Issue: DIGESTER-72.
o Include filename or uri if Digester.parse(File file or String uri
throws a SAXException  Issue: DIGESTER-85.
o xmlrules does not support setNamespaceURI  Issue: DIGESTER-90.
o Need to process [attribute id="name"]somename[/attribute]  Issue:
o Allow DigesterLoader to accept an instance of a preconfigured
Digester  Issue: DIGESTER-127.
o Allow recursive match in ExtendedBaseRules.  Issue: DIGESTER-131.
o Add a CompoundSubstitutor to support more than one Substitutors at a
time.  Issue: DIGESTER-132.

Fixed Bugs:
o Default ClassLoader policy unusable in EAR archive  Issue: DIGESTER-28.
o xmlrules does not support NodeCreateRule  Issue: DIGESTER-103.
o ObjectCreateRule shouldn't keep className as a field.  Issue: DIGESTER-118.
o xmlrules dtd does not define xmlattrs for node-create-rule  Issue:
o Bug in SetPropertyRule.  Issue: DIGESTER-134.

o Public/protected static fields which intended as constants, but
which are not marked final.  Issue: DIGESTER-137.

Have fun!
-Simo, on behalf of the Apache Commons community

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