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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [lang] Contexted exceptions
Date Fri, 08 Jul 2011 15:53:18 GMT
Hi Marko,

Marko Klopcic wrote:

> Hi,
> It is probably a bit late, but it is only these days I've checked
> javadoc of the commons-lang ver. 3 on the web, and found contexted
> exceptions. I found the context info useful already some time ago, so
> I've implemented my own classes, which you can find at
> I'm ready to share my experience and also to help with implementation.
> It is also no problem to change the license of my code to Apache License.
> I'd suggest to add interface for Exception formatter, and one or two
> implementations (I have only impl. KEFormatter). If formatter
> is separate from exception implementation, it is easier to use it
> also with standard Java exceptions. I also find
> YAML format very readable and parsers for it already exist.

The current implementation of DefaultExceptionContext will simply generate a 
readable string used e.g. as exception message. It's no problem to use a 
different implementation or create one that is based on a formatter. 
Additionally a formatter may simply use an object implementing 
ExceptionContext to create something else.

I don't see that generating JAML, XML or JSON is within the focus of lang 
itself and due to the architecture I also don't see any requirement to 
provide a formatter interface from lang itself (as explained, it is 
independent anyway).

> I also have one question - is it OK to add a GUI class to the
> lang library? I have implementation of an exception dialog, which
> has two panes - upper one for text messages and context info, bottom
> one for stack info, when the user presses 'Details button'. I also
> plan to add 'Copy' button so users can easily copy-paste error info
> to mail when asking for help.

Again, complete user dialogs are also out of scope.

I can imagine that a small package that combines the formatters and such a 
dialog based on the ExceptionContext stuff makes a valuable addition on its 

> Context info and stack trace have helped me many times!



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