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From "Sebastien Brisard" <>
Subject [math] Implementation of Conjugate Gradient (MATH-581)
Date Thu, 04 Aug 2011 05:54:36 GMT
please review a proposal for the definition of general iterative linear
solvers, as well as the implementation of the conjugate gradient method. This
is file attached to the JIRA MATH-581 ticket.
Thanks for your comments!

Actually, I *do* have a comment. For the time being,
new AbstractIterativeLinearSolver(a, monitor)
throws a NonSquareMatrixException when a is... not square. However, a is not a
matrix, it is a RealLinearOperator. Should we
1. create a new exception, called NonSquareRealLinearOperatorException?
2. rename NonSquareMatrixException (as this exception does not really need to
be specialized to matrices?

Also, I see that the current implementation of NonSquareMatrixException does
not allow one to recover the offending matrix/linear operator. This might be

Best regards for now,

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