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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [codec] Generics added in a SVN branch
Date Sun, 14 Aug 2011 14:19:07 GMT
On 14 August 2011 03:02, sebb <> wrote:
> On 12 August 2011 20:56, Gary Gregory <> wrote:
>> Hello All:
>> For a first cut at generics support in Codec, please checkout the
>> branch
>> I wrote a migration guide in the root of the project called
>> Codec2-Migration.htm.
>> Let's discuss.
> The original code used Encoder and Decoder interfaces which operated
> on Object, and extended these with
> BinaryEncoder (byte[])
> StringEncoder(String)
> So for example StringEncoder classes need to implement
> encode(Object) : Object
> encode(String) : String
> As far as I can tell, those interfaces cannot be directly generified,
> because type erasure causes a method signature clash.
> So adding generics here means breaking binary compatibilty.
> Question is, what does adding generics to these interfaces actually provide?
> Would it not be just as effective to deprecate Decoder and Encoder,
> and code can then use either BinaryEncoder or StringEncoder (etc)?
> At the moment test code is of the form:
> Encoder enc = new Base64();
> ...
> byte [] ba = (byte[]) enc.encode(binary)); // unchecked cast
> However this could be written:
> BinaryEncoder enc = new Base64();
> ...
> byte [] ba = enc.encode(binary)); // no cast needed

Note that the Encoder/Decoder interfaces do not _require_ generification.

The only non-generified part of trunk is StringEncoderComparator.

This appears from the name as if it compares Strings, but in fact it
compares Objects in the current code.
Making it implement Comparator<Object> fixes the warning without
compromising binary (or source?) compatibility.

The StringEncoders generate an EncoderException if the parameter is
not a String.
This does mean that comparison with a non-String will return 0 (equal)
which is rather strange, but that is the way that the code current

So what I suggest is - let's release Codec as a binary compatible
implementation, at least for now.

If we do decide to break binary compatibility in a later release, then
I think the Encoder/Decoder hierarchy needs a bit more work.
For example, several of the new xxxCodec classes only implement
Decoder, not Encoder; this is because of the need to avoid erasure

I just wonder if trying to use generics here is not causing more
problems than it solves?
It's not as if there are lots of different types that are used here -
only String, byte[] and char[].
Perhaps we could just add CharEncoder/CharDecoder interfaces instead?

>> I plan on not touching trunk until the generics code is flushed out
>> and brought back to trunk.
>> Thank you,
>> Gary
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