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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [compress] Pack200
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 09:46:48 GMT
On 2011-09-14, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

> Le 14/09/2011 17:16, Stefan Bodewig a écrit :

>> Emmanuel, is the Pack200Utils.normalize method I've just committed what
>> you've been looking for?

> Yes that's what I had in mind, thank you.

> You might also want to support repacking a file to itself, that's a
> common use case.

This should be possible by using the same File instance for both
arguments to normalize.  Maybe I should add an alternative method
signature with a sngle File argument (and likely methods without a Map
argument as well).

> I implemented this in the pack200 Ant tasks:


Yes, looks pretty similar to what I have, I may want to look at my error
handling a little coser, though. 8-)

BTW, I've added pack200 support to the Compress Antlib (tasks and a
pack200resource) and will push for a release once CC 1.3 is out.



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