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From "Gary Lucas" <>
Subject [sanselan] Question about Java coding style for sanselan project
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2011 17:32:48 GMT
I am working on a couple of patches for sanselan.  These involve about a couple of dozen files.
 I had two questions about coding style:

First question: Is it okay to use generics for collections?  These are a Java 1.5 element
and I've noticed a couple of comments on the project page mentioning support for 1.4.   I
suspect that consideration is now obsolete since Java is now into version 1.7.  

Second question:  Does anyone have preferences/guidelines for including "revision history"
or "change log" information in the comments?   At the present time, the sanselan code is practically
without any comments at all, so I don't have any examples.  I can see an argument for not
including change log comments in a file because the subversion system maintains information
about change histories.  I can also see an argument for including them because a list of short,
informative change notes at the top of a file can save a lot of time in the middle of a debugging
session, especially in those times when one doesn't have access to the Internet

Here's a strawman for a change log.  I would put these in the code right below the Apache
copyright information which appears at the top of all sanselan code files.

 *   Revision History:
 *   Date     Name       Description
 *   ------   ---------  ---------------------------------------------------
 *   --/----  Sanselan   Sanselan 0.97 baseline (author unknown)
 *   09/2011  G. Lucas   Fix byte-order issue in double arrays for EXIF tags
 * Notes:

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