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From Gary Gregory <>
Subject [VOTE][io] Release Commons IO 2.1-RC4
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2011 14:22:11 GMT
Resending from my Apache account, the message did not make it to the ML for
some reason. Arg.

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From: Gary Gregory <>
Date: Thu, Sep 29, 2011 at 8:58 AM
Subject: [VOTE][io] Release Commons IO 2.1-RC4
To: Commons Developers List <>

Good day to you all:

I have prepared Commons IO 2.1 RC4.

The difference with RC3 is that this RC contains up-to-date




[ ] +1 release it
[ ] +0 go ahead I don't care
[ ] -1 no, do not release it because

This VOTE is open for 72 hours, until Oct 2 2011, 09:00 EDT.

New features:
o Use standard Maven directory layout  Issue: IO-285. Thanks to ggregory.
o Add IOUtils API toString for URL and URI to get contents  Issue: IO-284.
Thanks to ggregory.
o Add API FileUtils.copyFile(File input, OutputStream output)  Issue:
IO-282. Thanks to ggregory.
o FileAlterationObserver has no getter for FileFilter  Issue: IO-262.
o Add FileUtils.getFile API with varargs parameter  Issue: IO-261.
o Add new APPEND parameter for writing string into files  Issue: IO-182.
o Add new read method "toByteArray" to handle InputStream with known size.
Issue: IO-251. Thanks to Marco Albini.

Fixed Bugs:
o Dubious use of mkdirs() return code  Issue: IO-280. Thanks to sebb.
o ReaderInputStream enters infinite loop when it encounters an unmappable
character  Issue: IO-277.
o FileUtils.moveFile() JavaDoc should specify FileExistsException thrown
Issue: IO-264.
o ClassLoaderObjectInputStream does not handle Proxy classes  Issue: IO-260.

o Tailer returning partial lines when reaching EOF before EOL  Issue:
IO-274. Thanks to Frank Grimes.
o FileUtils.copyFile() throws IOException when copying large files to a
shared directory (on Windows)  Issue: IO-266. Thanks to Igor Smereka.
o FileSystemUtils.freeSpaceKb throws exception for Windows volumes with no
visible files.
        Improve coverage by also looking for hidden files.  Issue: IO-263.
Thanks to Gil Adam.

o FileAlterationMonitor.stop(boolean allowIntervalToFinish)  Issue: IO-259.

Thank you,

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