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From S├ębastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [math] Monitoring iterative algorithms
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2011 01:45:52 GMT
I forgot a very important question: would this classes be applicable
to ODEs (see Luc's explanations below). If not, I can probably forget
about them, since, I think this package makes the most extensive use
of events at the moment in CM...
> So here are the needs for ODE:
>  - callbacks for regular steps when they complete, without
>   any feedback with the algorithm. This is now implemented using
>   StepHandler and FixedStepHandler and the handlerStep method is void,
>   so from the algorithm point of view this monitoring is almost no-op.
>  - callbacks for discrete events, which may provide feedback to the
>   algorithm. This is now implemented using EventHandler and requires
>   a function to define the event (the g function, events occurring at
>   sign changes) and a function to be triggered when the events occurs
>   (the eventOccurred function, which provides the current state and
>   which return value is used by the algorithm to know what to do next,
>   i.e. continue/stop/reset state/reset derivatives.
> These needs are really, really important and in fact are one of the main
> feature in Commons Math ODE (and prior to that from Mantissa) that was often
> praised by users.
> Do you think we should design something now for 3.0 or should it wait 4.0 ?
> I would love to have such a new feature soon, but fear it could delay 3.0
> too much.
> Luc

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