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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [ALL] parent plugin updates [was: svn commit: r1164565 - /commons/proper/commons-parent/trunk/pom.xml]
Date Mon, 05 Sep 2011 07:50:19 GMT
Hi Oliver,

Oliver Heger wrote:

> Am 02.09.2011 17:08, schrieb sebb AT ASF:
>> I've updated to the latest versions of all the plugins.
>> Some of these changes may well cause problems, but the best way to
>> find this out is for various people to try using the POM, so I've
>> uploaded 22-SNAPSHOT to the snapshot repo.
>> Please report any issues with using 22-SNAPSHOT (you have to
>> temporarily update your pom to use it; it does not happen
>> automatically).
>> S///
> I tested the new snapshot version with [configuration]. Both building
> the jar and the site succeed.
> However, the generated site has some defects: The navigation is missing
> some links, e.g. for project info and reports. Also, the header and the
> logo are not displayed correctly. It seems that elements inherited from
> the template for all commons sites are not processed.

src/site/site.xml does not have an entry to inherit the reports from the 
parent in its body section e.g. something like:

  <menu ref="reports" inherit="bottom"/>

Required for "newer" site plugin versions.

- Jörg

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