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From Mikkel Meyer Andersen <>
Subject Re: [math] Support for Abelian Groups and Rings?
Date Mon, 03 Oct 2011 17:50:18 GMT
2011/10/3 Sébastien Brisard <>:
>> I would be curious to see how such a class would actually help you.  I have
>> to admit that a big part of my curiosity is due to the fact that I don't
>> understand how it really would help.  It could be, as you say, beautiful but
>> useful is sometimes are more difficult goal with these things.
>> I would also like to see if you are able to express enough interesting
>> structure in the Java type system so as to be useful.
>> So please do create a prototype.  It will be very interesting to see it.
> I had nothing fancy in mind. I wanted merely to build a Group and a
> Ring following what has been done in CM with Field/FieldElement.
> I already had the opportunity to mention this library, but Jean-Marie
> Dautelle's JScience is a good example of implementation of all these
> mathematical structures ( However, I tend to
> prefer the way Fields are implemented in CM (there are slight
> differences, most notably getZero() and getOne() which are missing in
> JScience).
> If you are still interested, I'll post (not commit, I got the
> message!!!) tentative interfaces once I've written them.
> Sébastien
Me, too.

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