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From Adrian Crum <>
Subject Re: [convert] API Discussion...
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2011 10:55:38 GMT
The source and target classes are used by the Converter.canConvert 
method. The Converter.canConvert method is used by the Converter factory 
to find the correct converter. The reason parameterized types are not 
used in this scenario is so you can create converters that handle entire 
class hierarchies. If you can think of a way to replace the Class 
references with parameters, that would be great. Submit a patch and I 
will look it over.

You could submit a patch for your partially-completed ConverterChain 
class and maybe someone else will complete it.


On 11/4/2011 2:19 AM, James Carman wrote:
> I was taking a look at the [convert] component because I have done
> some work lately on some handy conversion classes.  I'm struggling to
> understand why you'd need the getSourceClass() and getTargetClass()
> methods if you're using generics.
> Also, I've got a class that looks like this:
> public class ConverterChain<S,T>  implements Converter<S,T>
> {
>    public static<S>  ConverterChain<S,S>  from(Class<S>  sourceType);
>    public<N>  ConverterChain<S,N>  append(Converter<T,N>  converter);
>    ...
> }
> I'd like to contribute it, but in my library, I don't have all of
> those references to the class objects (source/target).  I might check
> it in without the source/target stuff implemented.
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