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From Claudio Squarcella <>
Subject [Graph] Weighted as an interface
Date Sun, 04 Dec 2011 23:43:15 GMT

I have been reading the source in the past days and I found that the 
concept of "weight" (e.g. weighted edge, graph, etc) could benefit from 
a bit of abstraction.

The basic idea would be to have an interface called Weighted with an 
obvious method getWeight(). Changes in the code would easily derive from 
that. As a side effect it would be easy to implement new stuff like 
weighted vertices: not as glorious as weighted edges, but still needed 
in some problems (e.g. all-pairs bottleneck paths) and therefore 
desirable for a general purpose graph API.

One step further. A weight is not necessarily a double: in some cases 
not even a number, but rather a "comparable" of some sort. So I would 
suggest to make use of generics in some way, possibly the smartest. 
Suggestions are welcome :-)

If my thoughts meet some interest I will work on a patch.


I am a first-timer here, so what follows is a short introduction.
I am doing a PhD in Graph Drawing and Information Visualization. I 
always looked for a standard, unified way to represent and handle graphs 
when developing prototypes. So my interest in this project is quite 
natural, and I am willing to help and see it become a robust project.

Claudio Squarcella
PhD student at Roma Tre University
E-mail address:
Phone: +39-06-57333215
Fax: +39-06-57333612

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