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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Can the next version major version of a project require Java6? (i.e. drop Java 1.5)
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2011 15:43:07 GMT
On 5 December 2011 15:06, Simone Tripodi <> wrote:
> Salut Henri,
> if you need the Java6 APIs to provide a fresh new set of APIs to JEXL
> users, I would be +1.
> We recently accepted Java6 in Apache Cocoon since Oracle announced
> Java 5 SE EOL (End Of Life) since 2009.

Cocoon is a slightly different case, as it's probably not embedded in
other components as much as Commons components are.

> Anyway I would to point you to a message in the ASF Tika ML[1] where
> describing the pros and cons about moving to Java6 - I wonder how many
> users would still require Java4/5 to run JEXL.

Exactly - but I'm not sure we'll find that out by asking on the
developer list, where one would expect people to install the new
versions of Java as they come out.

If the argument is that Jexl users don't need it to run on Java 1.5,
then a better place to ask the question might be the user list.

> Break a leg, all the best,
> Simo
> [1]
> On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 3:17 PM, henrib <> wrote:
>> Sorry to bug everyone again, I'm hopelessly trying to make Commons move a
>> little forward...
>> Since a 2-person opposition never breaks the tie, a vote is in order to
>> decide whether JEXL3 (aka the next major version after 2.1, see JEXL-123)
>> can actually break loose of Java 1.5 compatibility. (sic)
>> JEXL3 is intended to be a next major release of JEXL that cleans up the API,
>> making sure the internal/public contract is crystal clear. Since it is a
>> major revamp of the API, JEXL3 is intended to be used by new/active projects
>> that will be deployed on Java6 / Java7. To avoid some development cost, I've
>> "blatantly" crossed another rule without much thinking by requiring Java6
>> for JEXL3 (instead of Java5 which is EOL).
>> Since JEXL2.1 - aka the next imminent version of jexl2 - already targets
>> Java 1.5, I did not think it would start yet another fight with the release
>> police. Was I wrong... "Why can't you supporting a EOL-ed platform for a new
>> version of the project?". (Because it's not a freebie for me but no matter).
>> So, here we are again for some bickering and vote:
>> [+1] Yes, you may release the next major release of JEXL3 with a Java6
>> requirement
>> [-1] No, this is an important case/issue/matter/rule that we continue
>> supporting Java 1.5
>> [0]  Don't care
>> Many thanks to those who will vote for their time and patience;
>> Henrib
>> PS: Is there a process to formally move a project from Commons to elsewhere
>> within Apache?
>> --
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