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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [JEXL] Jexl 2.1?
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2011 22:04:48 GMT
Simone Tripodi wrote:

> Hi all guys,
> I would like to confirm Henri Yandell's concern about the cutting
> releases :( I honestly think we should speak less and practice more
> the "releas early and often" karma because the sad reality is... we've
> been not good on it :(
> My Maven community experience let me totally astonished, we have
> released the fluido-skin in ~160 commits and 1 RC, something that
> would not be possible here.


Well, I see Fluido from a customer's view in the same category as Tomcat - 
you do not release a component where other users build upon API-wise. Even 
worse, our components are often used by other third party libraries that are 
used to build applications. *Therefore* we take care.

See, when I start a global build in our company the reactor contains over 
400 projects. I am quite sure that without dependency management I'd end up 
with every single release of commons lang in my local repository that has 
ever been made. The only reason why this works, is that all involved people 
ever took care that the 1.x to 2.x was binary compatible for years (at least 
for an upgrade). Now, we introduced lang3 and first components depend on it 
- which is fine. But I realize that I might not get rid of lang 2.x probably 
for the next couple of years. I am glad, that we have the possibility to use 
lang3 with its up-to-date API, but I am also glad that I currently don't end 
up with lang1, lang2, lang3, ... to lang9 ;-)


- Jörg

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