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From "" <>
Subject Re: Conversion utility class
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 12:46:01 GMT

Thanks all for your feedback, the utility consist in a lot of little static
methods which all looks the same. I just figure out that I need far more of
them than the amount I considered in the first place, as a result I am
considering some kind of code generation. If I go down that path,
generating scala or java code does not make much difference so I think I
will go for java. I need to think a bit more to this...

Best regards,

Original Message:
From: Benedikt Ritter
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 18:32:04 +0100
Subject: Re: Conversion utility class

Hello Sebastien,

at first, let me say, that it's a great thing, that you have decided to 
contribute your work to the open source community! You asked for help 
with your contribution. Joining the dev mailing list was right step to 
take at first.

So here are a few things that have to be accounted for:

As Stephen and Adrian have pointed out, commons is a set of utils that 
provide extended functionality to the standard Java API. I like Stephens 
idea of having a specific project for Scala (and maybe one for 
Groovy?!). But I don't know if commons is the right place for that.
So if you still want to contribute your util, you will have to convert 
it to Java code, that sticks to commons code style.

The build is primary maven[1] based, but you can use ant[2] if you are 
more familiar with that. If you don't feel familiar with that, have a 
look at the project homepages. They provide good documentation material.

The next step would be to select the right project and then send a 
specific request for the project. Commons mailing list users stick to 
the convention of prefixing their mails with the component they are 
talking about. That makes filtering emails easier for all users. You 
have identified convert as the right place for your util. To be sure 
that the people responsible for convert get your mail, you should send a 
mail with subject [SANDBOX][Convert] Suggestion for improvement: Util 
for low level type conversion. (if that matches what your util is doing ;)

As Adrian pointed out, Convert is Java only, so a conversion of your 
util is mandatory. To spare you from unnecessary work, I would 
recommend, that you check out the latest source code from the trunk and 
make yourself familiar with it. Maybe parts of the functionality you 
want to provide is already implemented? If not, feel free to suggest an 
improvement! Create a new Issue in commons Jira [3] and create a patch 
or send a mail to the mailing list. Discuss, what you think is good with 
convert, and tell us, what you do not like (and why (and how it could be 
improved ;)).

Now some last words from me, as someone who is himself relatively new to 
commons. What I wrote above seems to be a lot of stuff, that has to be 
taken into account. But don't let that bring you down. Just read the 
materials on how to contribute [4] and don't hesitate to ask you 
questions on the mailing list. Being part of commons is really worth the 
effort. It is a lot of fun and you can learn a lot.

So, I hope all your questions have been addressed!
Have a nice Sunday!


Am 05.02.2012 17:41, schrieb Adrian Crum:
> Commons Convert is Java only, so there is no need to support mixed
> languages. The current trunk supports Maven and Ant build tools, and
> there are support files for Eclipse.
> -Adrian
> On 2/5/2012 3:42 PM, wrote:
>> This seems to fit well with the functionality of my utility class.
>> Please let me know what do you think about the documentation issue.
>> Anyone
>> has an idea to generate javadoc from a scala code ?
>> Also, what do you use to build the library ? does it handle mixed
>> language
>> projects ? I am using JIdea and I heard it can handle such project but I
>> don't know if netbeans or eclipse can...
>> Sebastien
>> Original Message:
>> -----------------
>> From: Adrian Crum
>> Date: Sat, 04 Feb 2012 16:53:25 +0000
>> To:
>> Subject: Re: Conversion utility class
>> Have you seen Commons Convert?
>> -Adrian
>> On 2/4/2012 5:38 AM, wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I am developing a utility class and would like to contribute it to an
>>> Apache project. I am writing to know if Apache commons is the right
>>> project, which sub project would be the right place and then how to do.
>>> Background:
>>> I Work on a regular basis with embedded devices, driving them and
>> analyzing
>>> the results using Java and Scala code. In this domain, it is often
>> required
>>> to manipulate data at bit level, and the bit ordering and byte ordering
>>> tends to vary from one type of device to another.
>>> I did not found an open source library for converting basic data types
>>> between each other, changing endianness and bit ordering, so I am
>>> writing
>>> one. As it is rather boring and time consuming to do so, I would like to
>>> share it with others. The other motivation being that other people may
>> find
>>> bugs and performance improvement...
>>> Where to contribute ?
>>> Apache Commons Lang seems to be the right place for that kind of utility
>>> class, however, my utility class is coded in Scala, is that ok ? I
>>> use it
>>> in java programs without any problems since scala basic types are
>>> actually
>>> java basic types, same for arrays. From user point of view, this is
>>> transparent, however the documentation is not javadoc but scaladoc,
>>> that's
>>> similar but user will definitely notice and may be confused. It seems
>> there
>>> is no tool to generate a javadoc from a scala file :-S
>>> Details:
>>> If you want to have a look, the source, test and doc are here:
>>> Best regards,
>>> Sebastien
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