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From Claudio Squarcella <>
Subject Re: [Graph] On graph weight type(s)
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2012 19:53:59 GMT

> Maybe one last effort can be made to come up with more understandable 
> names (e.g. for a user that does not know what a Semigroup or Monoid 
> is). Suggestions are welcome.

I exhume this thread because I am still convinced that the "weight 
architecture" would benefit from a bit of renaming. It is probably not 
the case to touch mathematical concepts (Semigroup, Monoid), but rather 
the actual implementations and/or variable names. Consider that with the 
current fluent API the user has to deal with this stuff explicitly, 
specifying the appropriate "handler" for weights.

So for example all primitive implementations[1] would change their name 
from FooWeight to something like FooWeightHandler, or 
FooWeightOperations, or something like that. Variable names (like in 
[2]) would change from e.g. orderedMonoid to weightHandler, 
weightOperations, etc.

Any preference?


[2] line 64:

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