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From Sébastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [math] More special functions
Date Tue, 28 Feb 2012 09:05:04 GMT
2012/2/28 Thomas Neidhart <>:
> 2012/2/28 Sébastien Brisard <>
>> Hello,
>> I have frequently felt the lack of more special functions in CM3. This
>> has also been noticed by other users (see recent entry in the Math
>> Wish List). I guess that special functions were implemented when
>> needed in the distribution package. I would like to start expanding
>> the CM3 capabilities in this area. As suggested, Bessel functions
>> would be a good start. I propose to proceed as follows
>>  - first solve MATH-718, MATH-738 and MATH-753 which are all closely
>> related to special functions (that would be a good training for me!),
>>  - introduce a framework for Chebyshev expansions [1], which are
>> frequently met in the approximation of special functions,
>>  - start working on Bessel functions.
>> Questions are
>>  - Do you think that would be a useful addition? If yes, I'll create
>> a new ticket for discussions on an apropriate framework for Chebyshev
>> expansions.
>>  - Would you like us to start with another family of special
>> functions (I do use Bessel functions, but any other would be equally
>> fun for me!).
> +1 from my side, and in general I find it a good idea to create feature
> requests for things we would like to add or work on in the future by
> ourselves.
What framework would you suggest? JIRA? Wiki?

When I started working on iterative linear solvers, I added a feature
request in the Wiki, and tried to start a structured page where the
design issues would be gathered. As it attracted only very mild (not
to say nil) interest, I gave up, and used a mixture of mailing-list
and JIRA. This is quick and efficient, but not (in my view) a good way
of structuring and filing decisions (especially info exchanged on the

> This may also create interest by other people to provide patches
> or ideas for this features.
This is actually a good point. As far as I know, new committers are
instructed on the CM website to go to the Wiki (which is but rarely
used). Maybe we should change that and move the MathWishList to as
many JIRA tickets as necessary? In that case, the website should be
changed accordingly. Otherwise, we can keep the Wiki, and commit
ourselves to using it...

> Thomas

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