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From "" <>
Subject [Lang] Suggestion for improvement: Util for conversion between primitive types
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 16:22:50 GMT

I am developing a utility class and would like to contribute it to an
Apache project. Its purpose is to convert data from one primitive type to
in the most commonly used fashions (big endian/little endian byte order,
lsb first 
or msb first). It also deals with arrays of primitive types and String
containing hexadecimal numbers.

Such conversions are needed when dealing with embedded software or hardware

As it is rather boring and time consuming to do so, I would like to share
it with others. 
The other motivation being that other people may find bugs and performance

I suggest it in the commons.lang3 package because it contains similar
utility classes made of simple
static methods. Some time ago Commons Codec and Commons Convert have been
suggested, but I think both 
aim at a higher level of functionality with more complex classes.

Please let me know your opinion. I attach the source files and a diff file.

Best regards,

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