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From Thomas Vandahl>
Subject Re: [jcs] Request for review
Date Sat, 02 Jun 2012 19:28:55 GMT
On 01.06.12 06:31, Bruno P. Kinoshita wrote:
>  Hi, 
> [jcs] seems very interesting :-) and maybe I could use it in some applications too (or
at least knowing about it may help).

Thanks, I'm trying to pull things straight to make it usable it current
environments. I use the old version a lot. The code has more than 400
unit tests and a few disabled ones. Some tests tend to fail every now
and then (timing dependent). Those problems are hard to spot. I could
need some help...

> I'm not an expert in generics, but some time ago similar task was done in [functor],
maybe we could use that as base. I will read the changes in [functor] and will try to review
the warnings in [jcs], and then comment or propose patches.

Well, my impression with generics is that you can overdo it easily.
Maybe it's not necessary in the deeper layers of the library and it only
causes trouble. That's why I'm asking for reviews.

> In case you would like to take a look on what was done in [functor], check r1188373 until
r1188409 more or less. There may be more to be done in [functor] as it hasn't been released
yet, but the new version with generics is working perfectly, no broken tests, no changes in
the functionality, and I think there are no warnings. 

I'm afraid this is not enough information to understand what you mean.
Could you be a bit more specific, please?

Bye, Thomas.

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