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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: [classscan] Experiment on xbean-finder
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2012 05:32:15 GMT
An expanded view of the info below in markdown:

Pulled in some also pulled in some Meta-Annotation information from the proposals going around
Java EE 7.  There's a lot there, feel free to ignore it.  Not critical.


On Jun 5, 2012, at 9:57 PM, David Blevins wrote:

> On Jun 5, 2012, at 1:12 PM, Matt Benson wrote:
>> Welcome, David!
> Thanks, Matt!
> Ok, so I refactored it a bit to work in some of the ideas I was hearing on IRC today.
> Those changes were primarily:
> - Promote Info objects that represent class data to a separate package not tied to any
bytecode library
> - Add listener interface to consume the Info objects
> - Added parser abstraction to use ASM or similar library to create the Info objects and
invoke listener
> The code was there and generally written somewhat decoupled with those parts in mind.
 Took a bit of snipping and cutting here and there to fully decouple it and separate everything
out into separate packages.
> There's no ParserFacory yet, that could easily be created.  I figured there was enough
there to show how things work.
> Here's an overview of the code:
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder
> - AnnotationFinder
> - IAnnotationFinder
> - ResourceFinder
> AnnotationFinder is essentially the "db" and has methods to query.
> ResourceFinder is for basic file location such as "META-INF/persistence.xml" and can
also be used as part of a ServiceLoader replacement.  See the ResourceFinder.mdtext for details
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder.archive
> - Archive
> - ArchiveIterator
> - ClassesArchive
> - ClasspathArchive
> - CompositeArchive
> - FileArchive
> - FilteredArchive
> - JarArchive
> The Archive interface allows for sources of class files to be abstracted.  The JarArchive,
ClassesArchive and FileArchive are concrete implementations.  CompositeArchive is simply a
collection of Archive implementations.  FilteredArchive allows for the archive itself to be
filtered in various ways.
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder.filter
> - ClassFilter
> - ContainsFilter
> - ExcludeIncludeFilter
> - Filter
> - FilterList
> - Filters
> - IncludeExcludeFilter
> - PackageFilter
> - PatternFilter
> - PrefixFilter
> - SuffixFilter
> The Filter interface simply allows you to give a yay or nay to a String.  This is of
course useful for greatly limiting the classes actually scanned when combined with an Archive
via wrapping it with a FilteredArchive and supplying a Filter.
> FilterList is a Filter implementation that combines one or more filters.  Both "yes"
and "no" filters can be used via IncludeExcludeFilter or ExcludeIncludeFilter which are modeled
after HTTPd allowed host pattern.
> PackageFilter, ClassFilter, SuffixFilter, PrefixFilter, ContainsFilter and PatternFilter
are concrete implementations of Filter that each have a simple approach to testing the string
to give a yay or nay.
> The Filters class is a convenience class that makes it easy to construct the various
filters with little syntax as well as performs unwrapping when necessary if it sees things
like a FilterList with only one filter or a FilterList containing another FilterList.
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder.meta
> - Annotated
> - AnnotatedMember
> - AnnotatedMethod
> - MetaAnnotated
> - MetaAnnotatedClass
> - MetaAnnotatedConstructor
> - MetaAnnotatedElement
> - MetaAnnotatedField
> - MetaAnnotatedMethod
> - MetaAnnotation
> This package provides basic support for meta-annotations which are simply annotation
reuse or inheritance.  CDI, Bean Validation and JAX-RS all have similar concepts of inheritance.
 This code does a more generic approach to reuse that isn't tied to any one particular specification.
 Fun to play with, but not critical to the core concept of annotation scanning.
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder.model
> - Annotatable
> - AnnotationInfo
> - ClassInfo
> - FieldInfo
> - Info
> - InfoHandler
> - MethodInfo
> - PackageInfo
> The basic objects to model class metadata along with a listener.
> There could easily be a InfoHandlerList which would be an implementation of InfoHandler
that allowed for a collection of InfoHandlers.
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder.parse
> - AsmParser
> - Parser
> Abstracts out the actual bytecode parsing such as ASM.  The parser need only read from
the Archive and produce the model of Info objects and invoke the InfoHandler.
> org.apache.commons.classscan.finder.util
> - Classes
> - SingleLinkedList
> - UriSet
> - UrlSet
> Just some utilities.  UrlSet and UriSet are essentially searchable collections of URL
or URI to allow for something as large as a classpath of URLs to be easily narrowed.  Was
written before the Filter API and only partially supports it.  Would be nice to have it updated.
 SingleLinkedList is a minimally functional list designed to save memory in the model Info
> Overview of AnnotationFinder methods
>    public AnnotationFinder(Archive archive)
> Basic constructor.  The Parser or some ParserFactory should be added.
>    public AnnotationFinder enableMetaAnnotations()
>    public AnnotationFinder enableFindImplementations()
>    public AnnotationFinder enableFindSubclasses()
> Methods to enable some heavier lifting.  Each has a cost and none are essential to basic
annotation scanning.
>    public List<Package> findAnnotatedPackages(Class<? extends Annotation>
>    public List<Class<?>> findAnnotatedClasses(Class<? extends Annotation>
>    public List<Method> findAnnotatedMethods(Class<? extends Annotation> annotation)
>    public List<Constructor> findAnnotatedConstructors(Class<? extends Annotation>
>    public List<Field> findAnnotatedFields(Class<? extends Annotation> annotation)
> Fairly self explanatory.
>    public List<Annotated<Class<?>>> findMetaAnnotatedClasses(Class<?
extends Annotation> annotation)
>    public List<Annotated<Method>> findMetaAnnotatedMethods(Class<? extends
Annotation> annotation)
>    public List<Annotated<Field>> findMetaAnnotatedFields(Class<? extends
Annotation> annotation)
> Meta-annotation versions of the above.  Just noticed a couple missing :)
>    public boolean isAnnotationPresent(Class<? extends Annotation> annotation)
>    public List<Class<?>> findClassesInPackage(String packageName, boolean
> Some trivial utility methods.
>    public <T> List<Class<? extends T>> findSubclasses(Class<T>
>    public <T> List<Class<? extends T>> findImplementations(Class<T>
> These are quite heavy and not recommended for large sets of classes such as the entire
JVM classpath.  Works great for a handful of jars.  Beyond that is not recommended unless
you have heaps of Heap.
>    public AnnotationFinder select(Class<?>... clazz)
>    public AnnotationFinder select(String... clazz)
>    public AnnotationFinder select(Iterable<String> clazz)
> Newer methods that allow you to narrow down the scope of the AnnotationFinder.  Say you
have a finder for an entire .war file and you want to get the data for just a jar or specific
class or list of classes.  Likely there could be 'join' methods to mirror these.  As well
there could be a 'select' method that could easily take a Filter as an arg.
> So that's more or less what is there :)  Of course anyone is welcome to play with the
code.  Consider it soft.  Delete, add, refactor, whatever you want.  It's all in svn so no
harm can be done.  Have fun.
> Any missing features?  Thoughts?
> -David

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