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From Matt Benson <>
Subject [classscan] organization
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2012 15:40:06 GMT
I propose that we, in the immediate future, reorganize [classscan]
into multiple modules.  I fully expect that by the time we get
everyone's input/features/alternative implementations for X/Y/Z in
place, we will want the flexibility.  I am fine with starting small,
e.g. core/bcel modules, although I would expect that bcel might
eventually be moved beneath another division of "scanners" or the

The technical hurdle to doing this is that MetaRegistry currently
references oacc.bcel.Cache, mapping it to its SINGLETON reference.  I
don't see that this is necessary; I would prefer that the bcel module
provide an entry in META-INF/services.  It's not even necessary that
we upgrade to Java 6 for this; Java 6 users can use ServiceLoader
while those using Java 5 can use whatever workalike option they prefer
or instantiate the MetaRegistry implementation directly.  In any case
core should not depend on a particular scanning package/module.  I
don't JFDI because (a) I don't have time just at the moment, and (b) I
like consensus.  Thoughts?


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