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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [all] displaying some class and sequence diagrams for our components
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 12:27:25 GMT

As our components are mainly low level libraries, they target
developers. I wonder if we could add some basic UML diagrams for some

I know such diagrams are a pain to maintain, so I have looked at
something really simple, with the goal to only display a few core elements.

I have found plantuml <> to be
almost a perfect fir for this goal. It can be used from the command
line, it can be used with eclipse, it can be used with Maven (see

Here are some diagrams I have made for [math]:
<>. There are
also other diagrams I have made for Orekit, which aslo show some
sequence diagrams:

I would like to add such diagrams to our documentation, for example by
adding a "design" directory under "src/site" for holding the .puml text
files that depict the diagrams, and generating the png images under
target/site/images. This can be done by adding the following plugin
definition to the pom, in the build section:


I don't know however if this runs everywhere, as I guess plantuml itself
has a hidden dependency to graphviz.

I have two questions. Could someone check if the maven integration runs
by itself on a pristine computer with nothing special installed (i.e.
without having graphviz pre-installed) ? What do you think about adding
such feature, either with an automatic generation of images or with the
images pre-generated by our own build tools and included (together with
their source script) in the distribution archive?

best regards,

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