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From S├ębastien Brisard <>
Subject Re: [math] Re: Single root for Exceptions
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2012 03:05:36 GMT
Hi again,

2012/9/1 Gilles Sadowski <>:
> Hello.
>> >>>
>> >>> in ConjugateGradient, I get the following error
>> >>>
>> >>> "Exception NonPositiveDefiniteOperatorException is not compatible with
>> >>> throws clause in
>> >>> PreconditionedIterativeLinearSolver.solveInPlace(RealLinearOperator,
>> >>> RealLinearOperator, RealVector, RealVector)"
>> >>>
>> >>> This comes from the fact that general iterative solvers do not require
>> >>> positive definite operators (therefore, no
>> >>> "throws NonPositiveDefiniteOperatorException" clause in the signature
>> >>> PreconditionedIterativeLinearSolver.solveInPlace), while conjugate
>> >>> gradient does.
>> >>>
>> >>> Do I need to add the "throws NonPositiveDefiniteOperatorException"
>> >>> clause in the signature of
>> >>> PreconditionedIterativeLinearSolver.solveInPlace as well?
>> >>
>> >> I think so, as users may use a ConjugateGradient and store it in a
>> >> variable declared with the base class only. However, I don't know if
>> >> adding an unchecked exception to the signature of an interface is a
>> >> compatible change or not.
>> >>
>> >> Luc
>> >>
>> > clirr does not seem to be complaining, so I'll do as you say. Here is
>> > what I'm planning to add to the javadoc of the mother abstract class.
>> > What do you think?
>> >
>> >      * @throws NonPositiveDefiniteOperatorException if {@code a} or {@code m}
>> >      * is not positive definite (required by some iterative solvers)
>> Perfect!
> I don't agree on the principle that base classes/interfaces should be aware
> of the detailed requirements of their implementations.
> We can foresee that subclasses might need to throw _some_ kind of exception
> when something (yet unknown at the time of the interface design) goes wrong.
> But base classes (or interfaces) should not have to change when a new class
> extends (or implements) it.
> For cases like the above, we must create a parent exception (or use an
> existing one if it is appropriate) in order to convey that subclasses
> _might_ throw exceptions that inherit from that one.
> It this particular case, it seems that operators that are not positive
> definite are illegal for method "solveInPlace", hence we conclude (not
> surprisingly) that "MathIllegalArgumentException" can be thrown from classes
> that implement "RealLinearOperator.solveInPlace".
> In fact, this is even too much of a "guessing" work. And this where a single
> root can be used to clearly advertize that, by design, CM is supposed to
> throw only (subclasses of) "MathRunimeException". _That_ exception, and
> _nothing_ else should really be inserted in the "throws" clause of upper
> level base classes and interfaces.
> Referring to the above example, it is the duty of the user of CM to read the
> documentation of the (concrete) classes he uses if he wants to know which
> subclass of "MathRuntimeException" may actually be thrown; it is not enough
> to read the documentation of the interface!
> To be clear, CM will become a total clutter if upper levels attempt to
> report everything all the way down. This is in blatant contradiction with
> the principle (or rule, or best practice) of encapsulation.
> Best regards,
> Gilles
>> > [...]
> P.S. Practically, at this point, I propose to not touch interfaces or base
>      classes, but only add the "throws" clauses where the methods actually
>      throw the exceptions, and in some cases, one level up (where it is
>      still obvious that a particular condition is required).
>      Of course, that makes it impossible to test the "switch to checked
>      exception" as the work is in progress. For this, let's wait until all
>      the first pass has been completed, then we can see what is missing,
>      and decide while seeing the picture.
I think some exceptions *must* be shown in some interfaces. For
example, DimensionMismatchException in FieldMatrix.mul(FieldMatrix).


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