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From sebb <>
Subject [imaging] bz2 archive format - can it be dropped?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2012 20:44:17 GMT
The assembly descriptors are currently set up to create bz2 archives
in addition to the standard tar.gz and zip ones.

Is the bz2 format really needed?
It's larger than the tar.gz, at least for sanselan.
And it's not as well supported on Windows.

Note that the Commons Build Plugin does not currently support bz2, so
the download page would need to be manually editted after generation.
[In fact the existing download page does not link to the bz2 archives.]

Or someone needs to enhance the Build plugin.

Should not be too difficult to add support for a property to define
the archive suffixes, but is there any point?
Sanselan is the only commons component using bz2 currently.

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