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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [weaver]/[bcel] WAS [privilizer] promotion plan
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2012 09:37:37 GMT
Le 04/12/2012 23:54, Matt Benson a écrit :
> Well, it looks like the most comfortable avenue for everyone is Commons
> [weaver].  IMO [weaver] would look like a framework for implementing any
> kind of code weaving, so the most important decision is the look of the
> API, and it would seem that eating our own dog food would be appropriate in
> Commons.  Thus I would propose that [weaver] be built on top of [BCEL], and
> I would think it likely that we might provide a nice (fluent?) API for
> common code modifications.

Let's start with a modest goal, we certainly don't want to reimplement
AspectJ. The public API should only consists in the annotations. The
weaving engine is our little internal mess.

> Firstly, does anyone object to using [BCEL] as [weaver]'s foundation?;
> secondly, can anyone tell me what (Java 7?) features [BCEL] currently
> lacks?; thirdly, does any of us already have the expertise to add these?

If you are willing to spend some time on this why not, but I really
don't think it's important. I would just keep what's already done.

As a Ant user my only criteria would be to have small dependencies, such
that the size of the jar providing the weaving task isn't too big. I
generally don't like putting a 1 MB jar to my project.

Emmanuel Bourg

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