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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1441784 - /commons/sandbox/beanutils2/trunk/src/main/java/org/apache/commons/beanutils2/
Date Tue, 05 Feb 2013 15:47:59 GMT
Hi Simo,

2013/2/5 Simone Tripodi <>

> Guten Tag, Bene,
> > I personally try to avoid static imports.
> > Especially when you come to a legacy code base IMHO it makes the code
> > harder to understand.
> as BU2 user, would you write the following sentence
>     on( testBean ).invoke( "setBooleanProperty" ).with( argument( new
> Boolean( false ) ) );
> as
>     BeanUtils.on( testBean ).invoke( "setBooleanProperty" ).with(
> Argument.argument( new Boolean( false ) ) );
> ?
> Better switching back to old BU APIs, there's no benefit anymore on
> switching to a functional-style approach APIs.

As I said, I haven't decided yet how to handle static imports.
You're right, when pointing out, that not using static imports here is more
verbose. But IMHO BU2 is a step forward compared to BU1 even without static
imports! :)

I personally would probably do something like:
BeanUtils.on( testBean ).invoke( "setBooleanProperty" ).with( argument(
Boolean.valueOf( false ) ) ); // or just valueOf( false )? ;-)

This way I can see what API I'm entering. For the call to
Argument.argument(T) I would use a static import, because it is clear what
context it is coming from. In fact, this is, how I use EasyMock at work. I
qualify calls to expect(), replay(), verify() etc but use static import
when using the factory methods for IExpectationSetters.

Makes sense? Probably only to me :) See, it's just a convention I've found
useful for myself.

> > You always have to look, where a method comes from.
> Isn't the same thing we have to do with classes? when using a List,
> what ensures you are using java.util.List rather than java.awt.List?
> Why you consider methods case so different to classes?

Your right. I'd normally try to import java.util.List, because it is the
most common List implementation and qualify java.awt.List if I have to use
both in the same class. But again this is only a convention I have made for

> > Also you may have the problem, that you accidentally override imported
> > static methods, when defining a new static method with the same name.
> same name, same arguments and same return type? It would be possible.
> But, again, that would be possible doing it also with classes, same
> package and same name; as exercise, create a project and import
> commons-beanutils-1.7.0 + commons-collections-3.2.1: which version of
> FastHashMap is taken by the classloader?
> I still haven't found the reason why methods should be a special case.

I guess I'll just revert that commit and we'll see were it gets us.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


> What I am sure, there's no rule.
> my 0.00000002 though,
> -Simo
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