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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [BeanUtils] Plans for BeanUtils and BeanUtils2
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2013 08:10:04 GMT
Hi Benedikt,

Benedikt Ritter wrote:

> Hi,
> I'd like to discuss how the development of [BeanUtils] and [BeanUtils2]
> can be continued.
> The last release of BeanUtils (1.8.3) is now nearly 3 years ago and there
> are 92 open issues in JIRA.
> OTOH we've put quiet some effort into [BeanUtils2]. There are some issues
> that have to be addressed* but the API is in a good shape.
> But [BeanUtils2] is also a complete redesign of the API that is binary
> incompatible with [BeanUtils].
> Keeping this in mind I propose the following:
> - promote [BeanUtils2] to proper; move it to a 2.0 branch in the beanutils
> svn subtree.**
> - fix all issues that can be fixed without breaking BC in [BeanUtils] to
> push out a last bug fix release for users that don't want to swtich to a
> new API.
> - Make clear that BeanUtils 1.8.4 will be the last release of  the 1.x
> line.

Sounds perfectly reasonable. If you have only maintenance stuff 1.8.4 is 
fine. If you intent to add new features for the 1.x line, you might better 
call it 1.9.0 after all this years.

> Benedikt
> * Some JavaDoc is still missing and we have to take a look at the caching.
> AFAIK WeakHashMap is not the best choice for an in-memory-cache. We'll
> discuss this in a separate thread.
> ** I don't know the exact formal process for this. What has to be done to
> promote a component to proper? Does there have to be a formal vote by the
> PMC?

Not sure for this special case either. Actually you're not promoting a new 
component. However, you may look into the archives, IIRC Simo had the same 
case for the last major release of digester.


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