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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Commons Parent 29 from RC2
Date Mon, 13 May 2013 14:38:55 GMT
This is a VOTE to release Commons Parent 29 from RC2

Changes in this version include:

o         cobertura-maven-plugin         2.5.2 -> removed
          jacoco-maven-plugin                  ->
          maven-surefire-plugin          2.13  -> 2.14.1
          maven-surefire-report-plugin   2.13  -> 2.14.1
          maven-changes-plugin           2.8   -> 2.9
          maven-compiler-plugin          3.0   -> 3.1
          maven-release-plugin           2.3.2 -> 2.4.1
          maven-site-plugin              3.2   -> 3.3
          apache-rat-plugin              0.8   -> 0.9

The main change is the replacement of cobertura with JaCoCo for test
coverage analysis.  The former is not maintained anymore, has numerous
bugs and is extremely slow in some situations (typically generating
coverage reports for [math] took about 9 hours whereas standard tests
run in about 10 minutes). One important implication is that since
JaCoCo relies on setting an agent, it is triggered only if JDK used to
run the tests is at least Java 1.5 (this is automatically detected),
and it changes the argument line of surefire tests.  If a component
also needs to adapt the surefire command line, it must add the
property ${argLine} to the argument line in order to preserve JaCoCo
settings. An example for this is Apache Commons IO, where the
maven-surefire-plugin setting must read as (note the use of the
${argLine} property):

          <!-- limit memory size see IO-161 -->
          <!-- the ${argLine} preserves jacoco agent settings (see (see -->
          <argLine>-Xmx25M ${argLine}</argLine>

This VOTE by LAZY-CONSENSUS is open for at least 72 hours, so it will
be closed on 2013-05-16T15:00:00Z (that is UTC time).

Since this is the parent pom, there are only maven artifacts and the
subversion tag available:




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