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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [Launcher] [Exec] Merge Proposal
Date Sun, 09 Jun 2013 23:48:41 GMT
Le 09/06/2013 22:03, Ricardo Espírito Santo a écrit :

> - Very similar objectives, features and aims

exec: Invoke an external application from Java
launcher: Start a Java application from the shell

Besides launching something they don't look that similar to me.

> - Simplification of the overall Commons project by reducing the number of
> specific projects without compromising feature delivery

That doesn't look like an issue.

> - The merged project will probably involve and capture attention of new
> contributors

Not sure to see how merging projects attracts new contributors. But if
it works I suggest merging all Commons projects into a big one :)

> - Code share and total lines of code reduction

Not an issue considering the small size of these components.

> - General update of both project’s source code

This can be done without merging.

> [Reasons not to merge]
> - Broadening the focus of each project
> - The actual work of planning the merge, merging and documenting imply
> person-hours that could be applied to more functional tasks

I agree, let's fix the issues that actually matter to our users.

Emmanuel Bourg

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