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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: [DBCP] Possible strategy for multiple JDBC version support
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 10:16:50 GMT
sebb wrote:

> DBCP is complicated to release, because the source has to be
> pre-processed in order to build additional versions of the code.
> (unlike the rest of Java, JDBC is not generally upwards compatible).
> The source code in SVN is for the latest JDBC version we support, and
> can be built and deployed using Maven the same as any other normal
> Commons component.
> [At least I assume that is the case; if not that ought to be fixed first]
> Previous versions are currently built and deployed using Ant which has
> to pre-process the source before doing the build.
> Now component RCs should ideally be built from a fresh checkout of the
> tag, so one possible approach would be to use Ant to create the tag
> and workspace and then use Maven as before.
> It would mean using multiple workspaces, but it does not take huge
> amounts of disk space.
> The process for previous JDBC versions would be:
> Checkout a fresh workspace from SVN.
> Run Ant to fix up the source code
> Create the RC tag directly from the workspace
> Use Maven to build and deploy the jars.
> Does that sound like a possible approach?

Why not use the antrun plugin in a profile in the generate-sources phase to 
filter the sources into a new directory in target/generates-sources and also 
set the path to the Java source in that profile to this directory? You can 
even reuse our existing profiles for the Java runtime:

========= %< ===========
 <!- filter sources into target/generated-sources/java ->
========= %< ===========

For the release you can now activate the appropriate JDK profile, provide 
the versions with the command line and possibly we can additionally add an 
enforcer rule to avoid errors.

- Jörg

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