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From Ate Douma <>
Subject [SCXML] knock knock?
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 14:40:47 GMT
Hi SCXML developers/community,

We are trying to figure out what the status and activity of SCXML development 
is, and and/or who in the community might be interested in re-activating it.

 From the mailing lists and JIRA activity we gather not much has been happening 
here for a very long time: the last release 0.9 dates back to December 2008 and 
the last serious code commits to June 2011...

Looking back through the history of SCXML, Rahul Akolkar was and pretty much 
still is the only maintainer of the code but seemingly no longer able or willing 
to contribute much anymore.

So, what to do with Commons SCXML?

To put it bluntly, we would very much like to revive the development of SCXML again.

We are working for Hippo (Open Source CMS vendor) and intend to start using 
SCXML as state machine engine in our product shortly.

As the latest release is so old, and based on only Java 1.4, we're looking into 
using the Java 6 (J6) branch instead. But this branch is still 'work in 
progress' without any release (but targeted at next major version 1.0).

This J6/1.0 branch AFAIK is intended to cover the final SCXML specification [1], 
but already running quite a bit behind the latest draft of that specification. 
However, this being a W3C specification, having to wait for it to become final 
before releasing a next major version of Commons SCXML seems very 
counter-productive to me...

Both myself and Woonsan are Apache committers on several other ASF projects for 
quite some time, so we know 'how it works'. We would like to get out hands 
dirty, start contributing on Commons SCXML, and help move it forward towards a 
more current release.

But the question is: is there still anyone out here willing to pick up and 
review contributions, discuss stuff, etc.

Hopefully Rahul can chime in (if still listening) and let us know what his ideas 
and plans are, or else maybe other active members of the Commons community?

As a minimum we would like to get a Java 6+ compatible version released soon, 
maybe as a first milestone release towards 1.0, and incrementally add (more) 
compliance to the current SCXML specification.

For this we propose to 'archive' the current stalled trunk (move it to a 0.xx 
branch or something), promote the current J6 branch to trunk, and then take it 
from there. Website and documentation fixes would be next to pick up and 
straighten out and updating the current Maven build. Possibly drop the outdated 
Ant build as well if nobody really is using or dependening on it anyway.

As said, we're willing to step up here, but as non committers for Apache Commons 
we do need a 'handle' to get stuff moving again.

Thanks, Ate & Woonsan


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