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From Juan Antonio BreƱa Moral <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] knock knock?
Date Mon, 07 Oct 2013 19:52:54 GMT
Hi Great Idea.

In my case I could test software and contribute a bit.

Juan Antonio

On 10/07/2013 08:30 PM, Phil Steitz wrote:
> On 10/7/13 7:40 AM, Ate Douma wrote:
>> Hi SCXML developers/community,
>> We are trying to figure out what the status and activity of SCXML
>> development is, and and/or who in the community might be
>> interested in re-activating it.
>>  From the mailing lists and JIRA activity we gather not much has
>> been happening here for a very long time: the last release 0.9
>> dates back to December 2008 and the last serious code commits to
>> June 2011...
>> Looking back through the history of SCXML, Rahul Akolkar was and
>> pretty much still is the only maintainer of the code but seemingly
>> no longer able or willing to contribute much anymore.
>> So, what to do with Commons SCXML?
>> To put it bluntly, we would very much like to revive the
>> development of SCXML again.
> Great.
>> We are working for Hippo (Open Source CMS vendor) and intend to
>> start using SCXML as state machine engine in our product shortly.
>> As the latest release is so old, and based on only Java 1.4, we're
>> looking into using the Java 6 (J6) branch instead. But this branch
>> is still 'work in progress' without any release (but targeted at
>> next major version 1.0).
>> This J6/1.0 branch AFAIK is intended to cover the final SCXML
>> specification [1], but already running quite a bit behind the
>> latest draft of that specification. However, this being a W3C
>> specification, having to wait for it to become final before
>> releasing a next major version of Commons SCXML seems very
>> counter-productive to me...
>> Both myself and Woonsan are Apache committers on several other ASF
>> projects for quite some time, so we know 'how it works'. We would
>> like to get out hands dirty, start contributing on Commons SCXML,
>> and help move it forward towards a more current release.
> Great.  We give sandbox commit to any ASF committer.  Reply with
> your availIds and we can get that done immediately.  Commit to
> commons proper requires a little more process, but we can get that
> done easily assuming you want to join us as committers.
>> But the question is: is there still anyone out here willing to
>> pick up and review contributions, discuss stuff, etc.
>> Hopefully Rahul can chime in (if still listening) and let us know
>> what his ideas and plans are, or else maybe other active members
>> of the Commons community?
> Would be ideal if Rahul is still available / listening; otherwise
> what you can count on is some random help / comments and help with
> the release and build process.
>> As a minimum we would like to get a Java 6+ compatible version
>> released soon, maybe as a first milestone release towards 1.0, and
>> incrementally add (more) compliance to the current SCXML
>> specification.
>> For this we propose to 'archive' the current stalled trunk (move
>> it to a 0.xx branch or something), promote the current J6 branch
>> to trunk, and then take it from there. Website and documentation
>> fixes would be next to pick up and straighten out and updating the
>> current Maven build. Possibly drop the outdated Ant build as well
>> if nobody really is using or dependening on it anyway.
> Sounds reasonable.
>> As said, we're willing to step up here, but as non committers for
>> Apache Commons we do need a 'handle' to get stuff moving again.
> Welcome to commons!
> Phil
>> Thanks, Ate & Woonsan
>> [1]
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