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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Commons Compress 1.6
Date Sun, 13 Oct 2013 15:23:07 GMT
On 2013-10-13, Gary Gregory wrote:

> +1


> BUT the following are not blockers but should be improved if another RC is cut:
> - Low (27%) code coverage for the new class
> - PMD violations in new code, for example ArjArchiveInputStream.

I'll look into that later, but I'll likely now cut a new RC for that.

> - The change report should have the date of the RC instead of "not
> released, yet".

Why?  It is going to be changed to the date of the relase anyway.

> - Using the live site for the RC is a bad idea IMO because the source
> will have to be changed to update the version, for example "The
> current release is 1.5." and "Commons Compress 1.5 requires Java 5"
> and who knows what else will have to be changed. This means that what
> is in the RC is NOT building the 1.6 site, it is building a SNAPSHOT
> site.

I'll start a separate thread to discuss this to not clutter the vote
thread.  IMHO the site is completely irrelevant for release votes.

> - Site overview page: I do not want to read a history lesson ('The
> code in this component has many origins:') first, please tell me how
> to use the software first, then at the bottom, I can read about
> history.
> - Site overview page: too much redundant information (should be
> collapsed into one place):
>   - Status (1st line): The current release is 1.5.
>   - Documentation (1st line): Commons Compress 1.5 requires Java 5.
>   - Releases (1st line): The latest version v1.5, is Java5 compatible
>  - Add a "What's new in 1.6" section instead of burying the
> information in the middle of the text: "As of Commons Compress 1.6
> support for the dump and arj formats is read-only".

The main page - and in fact all of the Compress site - hasn't really
changed in three or four years.  I agree it could use a major overhaul
but that's really nothing I see my strength in - this should be driven
by other people.


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