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From Valentin Waeselynck <>
Subject [Laboratory Toolkit] proposing a new Apache Commons component
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2013 11:52:50 GMT
Hello to all,

As part of a small research project (which combined techniques of text-mining, machine-learning
and natural language generation, not that it's really relevant) I have come to design a small
JavaSE library, which I'm for the moment calling the Laboratory Toolkit, for developing our
algorithms in a comfortable and flexible manner.

I have found it to be quite generic and reusable, not tied to any application domain, while
still being rather accessible, and small enough to comprehend it easily.Therefore, I would
like to propose it as a new Apache Commons component. I would be very grateful if one of you
could tell me what steps I should follow for that purpose.

I have uploaded it on Github : There
you may find the sources, the javadoc, and a small guide I have started to write for it(also
attached to this mail).

Of course, I am very open to feedback and criticism on your behalf. The last thing I want
is to publish an immature or useless component; nor do I take a positive answer from you for

If I have failed to follow the proper procedure to propose a new candidate component, it is
not on purpose, and I apologize in advance.

Whatever your reply, and since I have the chance, I would also like to congratulate you for
all your work. The Apache Commons components have really been lifesavers to me, on many occasions.

With best wishes,

Étudiant en 3° année à l'École Polytechnique
+33 6 80 84 99 54

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